Audiology Specialist & Certified Calibration Specialist

Miner and Associates specializes in:

  • Audiological (Hearing Screening and Testing) equipment,
  • Calibration & Service of Hearing Screening and Testing Equipment,
  • Professional Development Activities in Hearing Screening and Testing, Conservation, and Special Education Services, and
  • Supporting Programs and Services of the Pacific.

Services Offered…

Hearing Testing Equipment Sales & Calibration

Hearing testing booths, audiometers, tympanometers, oto-acoustic emissions instruments, and auditory evoked potential instruments.

Grant/Project Status Review & Evaluation

Review and evaluate the implementation of a grant or project according to planned objectives and timelines, identify and evaluate obstacles to achievement of objectives and timelines, recommendations and prioritization of strategies for accomplishing goals and objectives.

Design/Run Training Courses

Train local technicians to do hearing screening and testing in remote schools and service centers and occupational health clinics in the Pacific. Professional development for the access to hearing health care and medical involvement in the treatment of hearing loss.

Grant Writing/Management & Technical Assistance

Grant research, grant proposal writing, management of awarded grants, technical assistance in identifying potential grant sources, technical assistance in the implementation of grants, technical assistance in addressing Grantee’s suggestions and recommendations.


“RMI Ministry of Education is grateful for the grant Miner and Associates obtained for our hearing screening and testing program. It met our identified needs on one of our outer atolls.”   Hilda Heine, Minister, RMI Ministry of Education, Republic of the Marshall Islands

“Ray Miner and Miner and Associates provided all services and products ahead of or on time according to our audiology project’s proposed timelines. We so appreciate the service.”  Arthur Albert, National Special Education Director, FSM Department of Education, Federated States of Micronesia

“Our Speech Pathologists were very appreciative and gained from the expertise and information shared by Mr. Miner and the materials developed by Miner and Associates during his seminar on hearing aids.” June DeLeon, CEDDERS, University of Guam

“It is wonderful to be able to call and get service from Miner and Associates for our audiometer without having to send the equipment to the mainland or to wait for a technician to call from the Continent.” Carleen Matsomota, Beltone Hearing Care Centers, Hawaii


Project Details

Miner & Associates-Technical Assistance and Consulting Services of the University of OregonUnder a contract with the Technical Assistance and Consulting Services of the University of Oregon, Miner and Associates, Inc., established and reported baseline information and data on what systems, structures and professional development activities were in place for each of the Pacific jurisdictions.

i.e., American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of the Marshall Islands, and the Republic of Palau, that would form the basis to the planning and implementation of a response to intervention model and an integrated services delivery initiative for all students.